Raspberry PI at Techniquest

British Science Weekend @ Techniquest

Technocamps spent the weekend at Techniquest in Cardiff Bay demonstrating Computer Science.
We displayed a range of technology of which we use to deliver our workshops in schools, such as our Arduino DIY gamer’s and 3D printer.
There was lots of great interest in Computer Science and programming from both parents and children.
Interestingly there was a fair few young children, most who hadn’t even started school were having a go at creating games in Scratch and Kodu.
Another point that was quite clear was the level of knowledge of children that were in English schools.

As the Technocamps is currently a Welsh Government funded project we rarely have the opportunity to work with children from our neighbors in England, nevertheless from my experience over the weekend the critical understanding of Computer Science between English and Welsh pupils was concerning as there was clearly a divide where English pupils were leagues ahead in terms of proficiency.

All in all it was a fantastic weekend with loads of children having a go at programming.

Raspberry PI at Techniquest
Demonstrating the Raspberry Pi Camera at Techniquest
Technocamps 3D Printer
3D Printer at Techniquest

Printcraft at Llandough Primary

Today, Technocamps spend the day at Llandough primary school helping with the’re World War 2 Code breaking project.
We had great fun using Minecraft to build Anderson shelters and other WW2 era objects.
After which we fired up the 3D printer and printed out their models. This was great fun thanks to the printcraft server which we networked up so that all of the pupils were logged into the same server and worked together to complete there project.

At the end they had a model which they can see and touch that will take prime position on there display.