Matsumoto Castle

For my final year real time rendering project, I decided to undertake the modeling of the Japanese Matsumoto castle. Most of the modeling was undertaken using 3DS Max of which took around two weeks to model, it was no easy task, given that I am by no means an artist ! This project took a considerable amount of time due to the complexity of the mostly hidden detail that this castle features. Here is a quick example video that took 3 days to render ! After my exams I’ll do a better video of the model & have a play around with the lighting, additionally  I will explain some of the difficulties regarding exporting and loading this model into a DirectX program.

Summer’s Here!

Just handed in my last piece of coursework for my third year in University, what a momentous occasion!
Update to follow detailing what I’ve been up to in my last term here in The University of South Wales.
Now all I have left to do is complete exams in Concurrent & Parallel Programming and Artificial Intelligence, then the fun beings!

The plan for the summer is to develop my skills in these areas :


  • C# programming
  • Direct X 11
  • Open GL ¬†revising terrain project
  • Complete a few unfinished android applications
  • Build a render farm
  • Make some 3DS Max models ¬†& possibly my own file format for use in my graphical applications
It’s certainly going to be a busy couple of months !